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Friday Letters


 Dear Tax Refund, you have made our entire year! Now we have to wait patiently until you show up. The perks of being married ;) Dear Duke, you are such an adorable little stinker. I know that one day you'll be the best dog we could have ever have asked for. I'm just impatiently waiting for that day. Dear Puppy Training, please get easier. I'm trying my best and I feel as if it's still not enough.  Dear Husband, thank you for struggling through this with me. I honestly could never do it on my own. Also, I'm so proud of you! You're kicking butt on your first exams. Dear Cruise/Belated Honeymoon, I cannot wait for you and you're roughly only three months away! Dear Body, get ready to get back in shape. We're getting back to running and I promise that eventually you'll feel a million times better.

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