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My Beauty Area


When T and I were buying furniture for the apartment I begged for a vanity. Not only have I always wanted one, but is it pretty and it's amazing to have one space where all of my beauty items are. And here's what I ended up with... 

 My entire set up! I ordered the vanity on Amazon for around $150, the makeup mirror is from Costco, and the 3 cube tower is from Target.

 (Please excuse the filthy mirror)
Here's a more detailed look at what I keep on the top. A magnified light up mirror, my everyday makeup  items (the storage cube was from The Container Store), makeup brushes, kleenexs, brush spotting cleanser, and a towel for wiping any excess off.
What I keep inside the tiny drawer: makeup brushes that I'm not currently using (as of now my Bare Minerals ones), brush shampoo, blotting sheets, Brush Guards, makeup wipes, and makeup qtips.

Next to the vanity I have a 3 cube tower that I store my less frequently used makeup items, my makeup case, and hair items.

 On the top shelf of the 3 cube tower is my larger eyeshadow palettes, most used makeup (storage drawers from The Container Store), some of my EOS collection, extra mini hand sanitizers, and a Beanie Baby T got for me on our six month dating anniversary!

 The first drawer is foundations, concealers, and setting powders.

 Next is blushes, bronzers, and highlighters.

 Then smaller eyeshadow palettes

 bareMinerals face products

 Eye products: shadows, mascaras, primers, and liners.

 And finally lip products!

Here is a closer view of my everyday items: Eye makeup remover (green lid) and qtips, favorite lip product & eye liner, current mascaras, tweezers, under eye concealer, hand sanitizer, concealer, BB creme, chapstick, primer, BeautyBlender, pencil sharpener, ELF Kabuki brush (my fave!), eyelash curler, and a sample of Urban Decay's setting spray.

Last but not least my brushes! I keep them in the traveling cups(?) that my bareMinerals brush set came with. I'll be using the Sigma ones once I order them!


  1. cute! :) i'm definitely getting a vanity when we move! my poor boyfriend barely has any bathroom counter space! haha

  2. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with a huge EOS collection! =)