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Introducing Duke!


You may have seen a few pictures of my fur baby flood this little blog of mine lately, but I'm dedicating this entire post to him, a lot of his firsts, and a lot of pictures! :)

Before getting to that though I need to backtrack a little. One of the things my husband was looking forward to the most after getting married was getting a puppy. A Keeshond puppy to be exact.  He grew up with two Keeshonds and they were his best friends. They both passed away not long before I met him and ever since I met him all he did was talk about those dang dogs! You see, like I've said before, I've never had a pet in my entire life, so I've never really understood the bond between a person and their four legged friend. So from the getgo I was a little apprehensive, but I knew how badly he wanted one.

When we decided that he wouldn't be staying in the Army anymore we started looking for Keeshond breeders in Michigan and were surprised by what we found: only 3 breeders in the entire state! Apparently Keeshonds are not very popular dogs anymore. Out of the 3 we only "liked" one/she was the only one planning a litter for this past Fall so we stayed in contact with her.

Duke was born on October 4 to a litter of 3 boys and 2 girls. Our breeder sent out an email to everyone that had shown interest in getting a puppy and from there she interviewed three of our coworkers/family members! Isn't that crazy?! Haha she just wanted to make sure that he was going to a loving home. Once we "passed" our interview she started sending weekly emails with updates and pictures! We looked forward to those emails every week.

Once he turned 8 weeks old we could pick him up and bring him home! That day happened to be December 7th, my husbands 24th birthday! Talk about an amazing birthday present. And he's been apart of our family ever since. My grandparents and brother love him, my inlaws of course love him, and all of our friends think he's sooo adorable! Okay enough talking... now onto the pictures!

Such a cutie pie! He's probably 11-12 weeks old here. He can already sit and lay down on command!

 The night we brought him home! He looked like a teddy bear!! I miss him being that fluffy and small :(

 His first snowfall! He LOVES playing in the snow.

 Our first Christmas morning family picture!

 He's such a little ham!

 Hahaha! His first bath! He looks so different all wet. And miserable.

His first walk! Husband was not impressed that I was taking pictures haha


  1. Oh my goodness. He is sooooooo cute.

    Ashley ♥

  2. Duke is beyond adorable and precious! <3

  3. Yay! I love keeshounds. I grew up with them as well, and they really are the best dogs. My husband and I have a mostly keeshound rescue, Ollie, right now. One of my dogs growing up also came from a great keeshound rescue out of Chicago. My family still donates money to them. Excited for you!