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Blogging Fail


And it's been over a week since my last post. Last week I had my first two exams of this semester and being completely honest I didn't even touch my computer Monday-Wednesday. Once I got home from work on Thursday I was so completely exhausted that I tried to catch up on my blog roll and YouTube videos that I like to watch, but wasn't very successful so I'm still behind. On top of exam week my toe nail got infected and I've been taking antibiotics that make me nauseous and even more tired than normal. That coupled with an extremely busy weekend so far means no Internet time :/ But my grandparents came to see me yesterday and I had an amazing time with them even if it was FREEZING cold at the football game! I have a paper outline due Tuesday, but then I'm in the clear school wise for a week so I'll be back :) I'm really trying to find a schedule to fit everything in! I need to try a little harder though ;) PS- T will be home Friday night!!

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