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What's in my School Bag?!


Bags and organization are two of my absolute favorite things so anytime I see a post/YouTube video about What's in my ____ bag I always want to do it! I'm sorry I didn't get this up before school started, but everything was just too crazy! So here's what I take to class with me on a daily basis!

This year I decided to use this Lululemon bag instead of a typical Jansport backpack, I think it's more feminine and it also has a lot of pockets! PS- See the adorable owl hand sanitizer holder?!

Obviously I have textbooks and binders/folders when I go to class. My favorite binder/folder/notebook are these ones made by Five Star. They are 3 ringed just like a normal binder, have 2 folders & 3 dividers, fit lined loose leaf paper, and come in a variety of colors! This semester I'm using teal, pink, coral, and purple!

Until T moves home I'm using the city bus to get to campus, so I usually spend a lot of time waiting around for the bus and on the bus so I always have my iPod and NOOK with me!

Next up is my wallet/wristlet and pencil case! I'm a writing utensil addict, so that case is packed to the brim! Along with pens, pencils, and highlighters I always have a mini stapler and white out with me.

I obviously can't function without my Erin Condren Life Planner, so that's always in my bag as well. These are the markers that I've been using in it for the past two years and they're great, but I just bought different ones (PaperMate Flair) for next years planner.

I'm one of those people that always has to be prepared so I always have my umbrella on me and a "emergency kit".

(For some reason this picture won't upload horizontal)
And here are some of the guts on said emergency bag: hair brush/mirror, floss, blotting sheets, Tide to go, nail clippers & file, medication, Wisp, lotion, and sample sizes of my daily make up products. Things missing: bandaids (I needed them last week!) and deodorant towelettes.

Finally here's my lunch tote, cereal to go container, and Bobble water bottle! Always need water with you and bringing a meal is a lot cheaper than buying one :)

So there you have it... what I take in my school bag everyday. What do you take in yours? Am I missing out on something amazing?

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