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I Survived...


the first week of the Fall 2012 semester! Barely. My schedule actually isn't that bad, but Tues-Thurs are SWAMPED and I'm beyond exhausted by 5pm on Thursday. Here's a look at my schedule:

M: Class 9-10:15
T: Class 8-9:15 & 9:30-10:50, and 50min clinic observation will be thrown in there shortly (just don't know when yet). It doesn't help that I have to wake up at 5:15, because I have to catch the bus by 6:15... this is only until T moves home thank the Lord.
W: Class 9- 10:15, work 12-5, class 5:30-8:30. This is the day that kills me. I leave the apartment at 7:15am and don't get back until 9:20pm.
TH: Same as Tuesday, but also working 2-5.

Okay so it's not THAT bad, but as someone who doesn't do mornings it's been a huge adjustment. On Wednesdays and Thursdays I'm basically a zombie.

I'm sure in a week or two I'll be more accustomed to the schedule and everything will be fine. Also, once T moves home he'll drive me to class in the mornings so I won't have to wake up so early.

The 3 day weekend definitely outweighs the crappy 3 days during the week though ;) It'll make trips to our hometown a lot easier!

For those of you that are in college what do your schedules look like?

PS- Who else is SO excited for TV shows to return?! What shows do you watch every week? I'll post my must sees sometime this week ;)

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