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All Moved In!!


That's right I'm all moved into our new (and first!) apartment! It's been a whirlwind this past week! I left Louisiana for the LAST time (T will be home in FIVE weeks!!), changed my last name, visited family and friends, did some shopping, and packed (& packed & packed...).

Now that I'm all settled in our apartment, yes two days after moving in everything is already in it's home, and have some free time I figured I'd post some pictures! Warning: there are A LOT!

When you walk into the apartment there's a coat closet of your left..

And the kitchen on your right.

Here's a closer look..

And here's our mailing station..

Coming back to the main room you have the dining table, bar cart, desk, couch, tv stand, and bookcase!

The bar cart is on the left.. So cool right?!

And the dining table to your right.

Also, when you are facing the table there's the storage closet to your right.
Which houses empty boxes, tool box, vacuum, and our entertaining pieces!

Continuing into the main room there's the desk on your left..

Then the couch and ottoman!
On the other side of the room there's the TV stand..

and the bookcase! (I need to print & put wedding pictures in that frame)

And that's all for the main room! Between the bar cart and desk there's a little hallway with has the laundry closet on the left..

And another closet on the right, that's just storing a bunch of stuff!

Then there's the bathroom!

Which has a linen closet inside..

& I just have to show my bath shelf ;)

Now the only thing left is our bedroom!

Here's the dresser. (I need to put a wedding picture in the frame)

A close up of my perfume tray!

T's night stand as of now haha

My nightstand! I love it :)

Also on my side is a vanity, which is adorable!

Next to the vanity is makeup/beauty storage, these are my most frequently used items.

And the rest!

And last, but certainly not least, my side of the closet!!

I LOVE IT! I can't wait for T to move home and enjoy it with me :)

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