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What's in my Beach Bag?


Many of you are probably thinking this is pretty pointless since summer is almost over, BUT it's not over yet! And I'm still going to the pool/lake multiple times a week. Plus I'm a sucker for bags and I love these type of posts/videos.

I apologize that these pictures are from my phone/Instagram, but I haven't quite figured out how to use my new (that I got for Christmas) DSLR yet... whoops. But, without further ado..

I've been on the hunt for the perfect beach/pool bag for quite some time. I wanted one that was waterproof and sturdy, so when I came across this one at Macy's I knew it was the one. It's the Kiss Me Carryall by Guess and I love it! Now onto what I keep inside the bag..

The Essentials
What pool bag is complete without the things above? The towel is from Walmart and is one of those extra long ones, which I love. Spending this summer in Louisiana where it is hot hot hot meant that I needed good sunscreen, Neutrogena's Ultra Sheer sunblock in SPF45 has done the trick. I'm not a water drinker (horrible, I know) but I do like to take a water bottle, especially if we're going to the lake!

The Entertainment
To keep myself entertained while I'm at the pool I take my iPod, NOOK, and since I'm preparing for the GRE exam I've been taking my study book! Last but not least, of course I take my wallet everywhere I go :)

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