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Hello Monday: Vol One


Hello Monday, we are linking up for the very first time.

Hello Blogger, this is me trying to figure out my blogging groove.

Hello life in Louisiana, I won't be sad to see you go (4.5 more weeks)!

Hello 22nd birthday, you're only two weeks away... and I wonder what my husband has planned.

Hello wedding pictures, I adore you and can't wait to use you (design the album, make a scrapbook, put in frames).

Hello broken sunroof, every time I get in the car I despise you a little more. WHY did you have to break?!

Hello lazy sunroof repair-ers, why did you do such a crappy job? It's bad enough that you had our car for a week, but now to have to bring it back in... SERIOUSLY?!

Hello future puppy, I can't wait to get you!  I already have your bed, treat jar, and name picked out. We just need to get daddy on board ;)

Hello new apartment, I can't wait to move in! I've been planning this for months now.

Hello Olympics, thanks to my amazing in-laws I will now be able to enjoy every part of you from the comfort of my own bed.

Hello GRE prep, please be easy on me. Standardized tests and I do not get along.

What are you saying hello to today?
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