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Breed: Keeshond

Birthday: October 4, 2012

Date we brought him home: December 7, 2012

Size: 19' tall, 19' long, and 45lbs

Favorite toys: We love West Paw Design toys and Red Barn Naturals filled bones! He destroys anything made from fabric within 24 hours so we don't waste our money anymore.

Favorite treats: Frozen green beans, carrots, peanut butter, and doggy treats from the local feed store.

Favorite activities: Daily walks, terrorizing the Yorkies, playing fetch, "wrestling", and lounging.

Still working on: No jumping, come, and no biting. *sigh* one day...

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  1. Awwwww I used to have a dog named Duke, he was a Lhasa. I have been falling in love with keeshonds for a while now, I've always loved Pomeranians and they are pretty much a bigger pom!! Does Duke require a lot of grooming?