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A Case of the Winter Blues


There's no doubt about it... I'm "suffering" from the winter blues. I haven't seen grass in over a month, it hasn't gone over 30 degrees in weeks, and I'm loosing my damn mind. It is near impossible to find enough indoor activities for 4 days a week for weeks on end. Then there's the 5k T and I are "training" for and we can't run outside without seriously injuring ourselves. Poor Duke hasn't gone for a walk in so long because there's no way to walk over the MOUNDS of snow. I've always hated winter, but this year that hatred has amplified by at least 50%.

Since we've been stuck in doors so much I've been reading a lot {I've finished 3 books-The Letter by Marie Tillman, The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult, and Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah} and we've been watching a lot of television. So I'd say that 65' TV wasn't a bad purchase after all ;) We're caught up on The Following and are watching it live now, I finished Army Wives and now I'm so bummed they cancelled it {especially since they finally brought up real military issues!}, and we started Dexter on Netflix, which I'm really enjoying. On the nights that we don't have any shows we watch the Olympics. I prefer the summer Olympics, but they're still fun to watch.

Another thing we've been doing lately is cooking new recipes together which has been a lot of fun! This past week we made French Onion Soup and Stuffed Peppers! Both were delicious :)

So as you can see there isn't much that worth mentioning here on the blog and that's why I've been a little absent. At least that's the excuse I'm giving right now... hopefully I can get out of this funk ASAP!


  1. This winter is kicking my BUTT. Not only is everything snow filled, it's SO gross and HARD snow and ice. And, we're just going to keep getting more and more. I miss the sun and grass and things that are green. WAH

  2. so i guess i can't complain about the weekend of snow we had that is already becoming slushie and brown?...because at least it is going away already.

  3. Both of those dishes look amazing! I live in Atlanta so our snow only lasts about 2 hours, but hope you are staying warm :)

    AJ |

  4. I've never made stuffed peppers in the crockpot! That looks super easy.