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Get Fit. Feel Confident. Be Healthy {Vol. 01}


Get Fit Link-Up
Link up with  Samantha and Brittany

Fitness, confidence, and being healthy are three things that I struggle with. I used to be fit, I've never really been confident, and healthy isn't exactly in my vocabulary. I mean I eat pizza rolls and I can't tell you the last time I drank a glass of water {blah- I hate water}. I'm that awkward girl standing on the outside at a large party and have terrible communication skills with people I don't know. I'm willing to bet that if you saw me walking down the street you'd considered me "fit."

Why did I just write all of that? Because I want to change. I want to be confident enough to carry on a simple conversation with new people. I want to make better choices about what I put into my body. I want to become fit once again. So what's my plan?

- Drink at least once bottle, 20 oz, of water a day {hey, I have to start somewhere...}
- Initiate a conversation at the next party/group event we attend
- Do my hair and makeup for our date nights
- Workout twice a week
- Attend Yoga every Saturday morning

What are your best tips for a fitness "newbie"? What makes you feel most confident? 
I hope that this new link-up will keep me accountable and provide motivation and support! I'd love to see you girls link-up too!


  1. Yay! Glad to see you branching out!

    I have a bottle at my work that I label with the hours of the day to make sure I drink A LOT of water. I slack on the weekends and at night, but at least I complete a lot at work. I also only really drink room temperature water.. I don't really like cold water and it's easier to drink. Maybe that will help you?

    Best of luck!

    1. I found that I'll drink more if I have a straw, which is kind of weird. Lol But right now I have to make a conscious effort. Blahh, it'll get better!

  2. Get yourself an infuser so that you can flavor your water with cucumbers or lemon or yummy strawberries. It will definitely make it go down easier! Good luck!

    1. I've never liked flavored water before, but I'll have to give it another try!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Some days I absolutely hate drinking plain water and other days I love it! I know it's not the greatest but sometimes I use crystal light to help me drink my water when I'm just not feeling it. My 2 favorite are lemon iced tea & fruit punch. I also got a huge tumbler from Target & it only takes 4 refills to equal a gallon which seriously helped me!

  4. good luck with getting fit!!! my advice of a newbie is to remember getting healthy is a lifestyle change not a fab. so you will have days that don't go well, but don't dwell on them and get back to healthy all over again!

  5. Love this. I have been feeling the same way the past month. Good luck and let me know if you need any inspiration!!

  6. Those are awesome goals! I love that your goals include things that don't revolve around just exercise/diet because that's not what being healthy and confident are all about. Good luck girl! I hope you'll link-up with us again tomorrow so we can hear how it's going :)