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Random Thoughts on the Friday Before Christmas...


I honestly don't even know where to begin... I have been SO busy this past week and feel like I'm a chicken running around with its head cut off {so much for being on "vacation"}.

Yup I'm officially on vacation until January 6th! Wednesday was my last day with the girls until the new year. And I can't believe how blessed I am with this job. I never dread going to work and I actually feel appreciated! I mean my bosses gave me a $200 mall gift card for Christmas! How generous is that?! Definitely thanking my lucky stars for this one, I lucked out big time :)

So since I have two weeks off of work I decided that I need to check some items off of the never ending to do list:
- Clean off my laptop and back it up {this has been on the list since August. Yikes!}
- Clean off iPod and cameras
- Edit wedding posts {I want to make them more detailed....LOL}
- Finish T's Army scrapbook
- Start Duke's scrapbook
- Organize filing "cabinet"
- Put together bookcase
- Set up 2014 Erin Condren planner
- Submit all grad school applications
- Start reading Canon T3 book and practice
Not to mention everyday things like blog, walk Duke, laundry, clean, visit my grandparents, ect. I think it'll definitely keep me busy and won't allow me to waste the days away!

I still can't believe that Christmas is 5 days away! We have SEVEN events between now and then, but I'm so excited for all of them. The only thing that'd make these days better were if T was on vacation too :)

I probably won't post again before Christmas so I'd like to wish everyone of you a Merry Christmas and I hope you all enjoy the time spent with your loved ones! My next post should be my big Christmas recap!


  1. What a lovely gift.

    I hope you, T, and Duke have a very Merry Christmas and wonderful and happy new year! <3

  2. Merry Christmas Corie!!

    Your To-Do list made me realize I forgot a few things (backing up my laptop and setting up my EC planner).

    Have a great vacation :)