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What's on my Christmas Wish List {WIMW Vol. 13}


I've seen these posts starting to pop up in the blog world and decided to join in the fun! So here are the items I wouldn't mind seeing under the tree this year ;)

 1: Patriots sweatshirt
2: Target bookcase with DOORS
3. Hunter Welly socks
4: Sweater tunics- they're my new obsession

 1: A new yoga mat.
2: NorthFace fleece
 3: Rubbermaid mop {yes I'm serious LOL}
4: Non-clamping curling wand

And finally some yoga accessories!

Christmas is my favorite holiday and I can't wait to spend time with our families, eat yummy food, drive through the lights display on Hines Dr., and to really soak in what the holiday is really about. THIRTY-FIVE days ya'll! 


  1. That Patriots sweatshirt looks so comfy!

  2. i TRIED and TRIED with the non clamp curling wand and FAILED miserably :)