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Thursday Thoughts {Vol. 15}


This week hasn't been one of the best, but I'm trying to just let it go and move on. WOOOSAH. Now onto some random thoughts...

  • Monday we had a memorial service for my sweet grandma and it was beautiful. She was such an amazing woman and I was so lucky to have been loved by her.
  • Monday was also Veterans Day, which is a special day for us seeing as T is a Vet! Unfortunately, we weren't able to partake in any of the "freebies" due to the memorial service and T having classes. But I did my best to make him feel appreciated for all that he has sacrificed and got him a little gift :) He loved it!

    • The Divergent trailer is UH-MAZING! I cannot wait and wish it was next month instead of March! Check it out-
  • My three nanny girls have been wild this week and we think it's because their dad is in Brazil for work. But MAN! I never knew 7 year olds could have such an attitude. This mixed with a lot of overtime hours has me pretty cranky, BUT I love these girls and this job. It is by far the best one I've had to date and I am so incredibly thankful! I'm definitely ready for the weekend though ;)
  • I am in desperate need of a hair cut/style/complete make over. My hair has been so greasy lately and I've started getting dandruff again {yuck!} so I'm at a complete lost as to what to do. So I'm thinking something drastic. Like cutting off a ton of hair. We'll see what happens...
  • Urban Decay is releasing the Naked 3 palette soon and I cannot wait to get my hands on one! It's definitely on my Christmas list this year! The shades are completely different from the Naked 1&2 palette- they're rose toned!

    Alrighty then that's all the randomness I have time for this week folks :) Here's to hoping next week is better!


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  2. I can't wait for Divergent!!! YESSSS