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Thursday Thoughts {Vol. 12}


Thursday thoughts... on Friday. I just have so much I want to write about and I just didn't have the time yesterday. Enjoy this jumbled mess.

  • I'm really missing yoga lately. I took a class at Western my final semester and loved it, but ever since we've moved home I haven't practiced. My in-laws house is definitely not what I'd consider calming so practicing at home is out of the question. There is a yoga studio 2 miles from the house though and I'm going to check it out in December after my Best Body workout class ends. I love the workout class, but I feel like it's all things I can do at home whereas yoga I can't. We'll see... maybe I can do both once the time comes.
  • I'm getting all four of my wisdom teeth removed next Thursday and being completely honest I'm a little scared. I've never had surgery before {besides getting tubes put in my ears when I was four} and I'm nervous about being knocked out. Not to mention I'm the biggest baby when it comes to mouth pain... I'm sure it'll be fine though and I'm so thankful that my grandparents are going to be taking care of me and letting me stay at their house, because Thomas will be working. I'm hoping that I'll get a few things crossed off of my to do list while I'm cooped up all weekend. Any advice on how to make this as "enjoyable" as possible?
  • I'm having the worst time sticking to an evening routine which is weird considering how much I like schedules. Any advice on how to start and then stick to a routine? This also could be applied to a workout routine that is currently nonexistent.
  • We got our family pictures taken last weekend and I can't wait to get all of the pictures in a couple weeks! But we did get a little teaser!


  1. I was scared of my wisdom teeth too because I've never had surgery before. My recovery was only about 4 days and only 1 day did I have a lot of pain. I just slept, watched movies & took my drugs ;)

  2. Let me tell you, being knocked out is a whole lot better than being awake under a local I'm sure. I had 2 removed under local and it was the worst experience of my life because they kept telling me to relax and stop tensing up ... like are you serious!? I'd prefer to be knocked out lol.

    But the recovery isn't bad!! They'll give you pain meds so it should be okay!! :)