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Duke's First Birthday Recap


It's already been over a week since Duke turned a year old on October 4th so I figured I needed to get my rear in gear and recap his big day!

Thomas and I both worked crazy overtime the week of his birthday and that forced us to celebrate on Thursday, the night before his actual birthday, but I don't think he cared ;) I realize some people might think I've completely lost my mind {because lets be real this whole party was all me haha} but maybe I have...

Anywho, we had the party with my grandparents at their house and I'm glad they were such great sports! We started the party off with a "scavenger hunt" to find his presents aka new toys that were spread around the living room with treats.

Next we busted out the party hats and for the most part Duke didn't mind it!

 Duke and my grandma
 Love this one!
This one kills me... my grandpa is a funny guy!

And then it was time for cake! I ordered him a peanut butter cake from Three Dogs Bakery and it was a huge hit!

 Waiting so patiently..

 His eyes kill me!
 Best picture of the night!!


I think it's safe to say that Duke had the best birthday any dog could wish for! It's also safe to say that Papa thinks he's in charge of the rest.... not happenin' ;) Now I need to get crackin' on Duke's scrapbook!

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  1. I'm so glad Duke had a very happy birthday! I love the pictures of him and his cake. His facial expressions are priceless! Happy one year Duke! <3