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What's in my Work Bag? {WIMW Vol. 5}


I don't know about you, but when I'm going to be away from home for 9+ hours a day I like to take a few things with me. When I worked at the Daycare I got an hour long lunch break and I had to lesson plan during the kiddies nap. Some of these things might not be relevant at my new job, but only time will tell. So for now I'm going to show you what I took to the daycare and what I assume I'll be taking to my nannying job.

1. Phone charger 2. Pens/Whiteout 3. Water bottle 4. Notebook and folder 5. Necessities pouch {I'll show what's inside in a future post} 6. Erin Condren planner 7. Nook HD+ 8. Snack

The tote bag that I'm currently using!

What do you girls take with you to work?

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  1. I pretty much have the same stuff, but I leave mine on my desk everyday such as my water bottle, pens, extra charger, etc! I always have my EC planner with me of course! :D