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Thursday Thoughts {Vol. 3}


Jumping in head first with this weeks thoughts..

  • I am in love with my blog makeover! Simple, but still feminine and me. I'm still working on the header links (About, Love Story, ect.), but what do you guys think so far?

  • I am so sick of this crappy Michigan weather! What happened to summer?! I've only been able to enjoy my in-laws pool a handful of times since they put it up. And this makes me reallyyyy nervous about how winter is going to be.
  • Speaking of summer- HOW is it already August?! Time is flying by in lightening speed. I'm not ready for it to go, but Duke sure is.
  • However, one good thing about August is my birthday! And birthday week is officially under way :) This is going to be my best birthday yet, I just know it! Who knew 23 was such a sweet age? ;) I can't wait to recap it next week.
  • Remember that summer bucket list I posted in June? This one to be exact. Ya it's not going so well. I wish I could get the husband on board with (some) of my lists and have him want to complete them as much as I do. So now I'm going to start making monthly lists as well and hopefully that'll help keep me on top of it!
  • One day this week a 7 year old kid at my current place of employment (a daycare) kept singing a song that goes a little something like this "I like to wiggle my pickle. I like to wiggle my pickle." UH WHAT?! And when I asked him where he heard that he simply responded "my step-dad." DEAD.
  • I am officially signed up for the Best Body Workout class at the local community college and one of my girlfriends is doing it with me! Even though it doesn't start until September, there's no turning back now ;) Doesn't it sound like fun?
  • My husband is so amazing and I'm so proud of him lately. He's working full time, kicking butt in his classes, spoiling the bejebes out of me, and makes everyday the best day. I'm a lucky lady!

Alright that's all I have for this week.


  1. Sounds like lots of good things are going on! Yay for your Birthday coming up!

    1. There is! I definitely can't complain ;)