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Thursday Thoughts {Vol. 1}


I've been thinking about ways I can write more personal posts (ie: day to day life, feelings/thoughts, ect.) without them being too wordy, because I don't have time for that. I know some readers hate seeing link-ups everyday of the week, but I've used them to "get my foot in the door" in terms of blogging. Like I've mentioned before I have been blogging online since I was 13 years old, but they were more diary type entries and I'm sure boring to anyone other than myself. BUT I love looking back and reading those entries and I want something similar for this blog. Now that that's over with lets get onto the reason for today's post- all the random thoughts flying around in my head :)

  • Duke is overweight according to his new vet (which I do not like and won't be going back to). Seriously this guy walked into the room and said "I can tell by just looking at him that he's overweight". If you know anything about my dog you know that he has a TON of fur/hair. And when he's wet he's half his "size". So doing what any offended puppy mom would do I emailed his breeder and she reassured me that he's fine! The average Keeshond weighs between 40-50lbs (Duke is 40lb) and is 16-18" tall. Well Duke is 19" tall so he's already not "average". And he's extremely active! We take him on at least one walk a day and he's a crazy banshee half of the time.
  • I am absolutely fed up with my unhealthy lifestyle and I'm currently figuring out what changes I need to make and how. I'm going to be taking a fitness class at the local community college, making a work out area in my in-laws basement, possibly play adult in-door soccer come winter, and creating a fitness journal to track it all. I'm going to write a more in dept post about this soon (hopefully this weekend).
  • Adding to changing my unhealthy lifestyle I've also been trying to figure out a new nightly schedule that works for me and allows me to accomplish everything I want to (blogging, working out, taking Duke for a walk, time with my husband, GRE prep, ect). I think I've figured it out and if I have I'll report about it next week!
  • My in-laws finally set up their pool! It's only a 4 foot deep "blow up" (it has a filter and only the top rim is blown up haha), but man is it amazing to hop in it after a long, hot day at work! I can't wait to hang out in it and read!
  • Job hunting sucks and I'm starting to get discouraged. There really isn't much else to say... I am thankful that I have a job while going through this!
  • I can't believe that my birthday is THREE weeks away!!! That also means that the Backstreet Boys concert is too! CANNOT WAIT.
Okay that's all I have for today... hope some of you enjoy this new style :)

What's swirling around inside your head today?!

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