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The Boys Behind the Blog Link Up


I thought this would be a fun way for my readers to learn a little more about my husband. And if you can think of any other fun questions ask away!

Boys Behind The Blog

{1} What celebrity would play you in a movie about your life?
"The janitorial staff at work calls me Ben Affleck... something about my chin."
I reminded him that his answer didn't really answer the question... so he said
"Andy from Parks and Rec" who happens to be Chris Pratt.

{2} What is your dream car?
"Pontiac G8. Black. Chrome rims and tinted windows."

{3} Do you have any tattoos What, where, why?
"Yes I have two. The first one I got is on my right shoulder and it's a Polish eagle with my grandpa's initials. I got it after he passed away. The second one is on my left tricep and it's the word LiCrew which is what my group of friends call ourselves."

{4} Boxers or briefs?
"Boxer briefs because they hold everything where it needs to be, but isn't too constricting."

{5} List three random facts about you..
"I played Rugby in high school and my position was Flyhalf. I really enjoy history. Tampa Bay Buccaneers are my favorite sports team."

Getting him to answer some of these questions felt like I was pulling his teeth, but I hope you enjoyed them :) LOL