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Sunday Social {Vol. 1}


This week I'm liking up with Neeley for the first time and participating in Sunday Social {BTW how cute is the name?!} Feel free to join in ;)

{1} What is the best trip you've ever been on?
I'm going to pick two, because one I paid for and one my grandparents paid for! LOL

1. Our honeymoon, a Western Caribbean cruise from Tampa, FL that sailed to Grand Cayman and Cozumel. 2. The cruise my family took in 2006 that sailed from Cape Canaveral to Nassau, St. Marteen, and St. Thomas! My brother & I swam with sharks and my family did a sail boat excursion that was really cool! Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures on my laptop because it was before I had my own digital camera LOL

{2} What is your best idea for a girls weekend trip?
Somewhere tropical and preferably all-inclusive! Laying out on a beach next to the ocean all day with a fruity drink in my hand? Don't forget massages and pedicures! Yes, please!

{3} What is your best idea for a couples trip?
In all honesty I think any trip is amazing with my husband! I do think that road trips are better with your spouse than with other people, because you tend not to get annoyed as easily and typically enjoy the same music, rest stops, ect.

{4} What is the best vacation on the cheap?
Without a doubt I think cruising is the best bang for your buck! And that's one of the reasons why I love them so much. T & I already have 3 other cruises on our traveling bucket list :)

{5} What is the place you want to visit the most?
Bora Bora! No explanation needed... One day ;)


  1. Dropping by from the link up. I said that I wanted to go to Tahiti! I think that it's just the over-water bungalows that look so amazing. Do you go to the all-inclusive cruises? I've only been on one cruise around Alaska and it was so expensive! It was breathtaking but very expensive. I think next time I'll have to go on an all-inclusive cruise!

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  2. Stopping by from the link-up. Bora Bora is definitely on my list too, because it just looks beautiful and tropical.