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Weekend Happenings | Week 24


I had an unexpected four day weekend this past weekend and while it didn't turn out how I hoped it would (T got food poisoning & crappy weather) it was still enjoyable! I was able to cross quite a few things off of my to do list so that's always good!

 {1} Started the weekend off with a long morning walk just Duke and I
{2} I spent the entire morning/early afternoon on Saturday condensing and organizing all of our stuff in the basement! I wish I thought to take a before picture- it was a disaster!
{3} I finally put my summer makeup in the 3 drawer container. It was all crammed into my train case & that wasn't working.
{4} Saturday night we went bowling with my family for my cousins Young Marines fundraiser! First time we've bowled in a while and we had a great time :)

{1} Like father, like son- T and Duke taking an afternoon nap lol
{2} My favorite yoga pants were on sale so of course I ordered two pairs! I got 2 for $53 shipped when originally they cost $60/each! Such a steal ;)
{3} We brushed Duke this morning for over an hour! So much fluffy fur!
{4} I forgot how much I love printed pictures! I printed 175 pictures at Costco to get started on scraping!

It wasn't the weekend we had planned, but it wasn't a bad one either! And of course now I'm not ready for work tomorrow!

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  1. Duke is so flipping cute! And heck yeah for the under armor deals! It seems like they are never on sale. Glad you had such a good weekend girl.