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Wedding Wednesday | Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner


First off I want to say that when I was looking through these pictures last night I became so nostalgic. I miss my freckles and summer and wearing dresses and the entire weekend. It was so perfect and I decided that I want to have a party every year mimicking it (minus the cost)!

The rehearsal took place at our venue the night before and it was a lot of fun not to mention beautiful! I definitely felt a lot more calm afterwards and I'm glad we decided to do it. 

 The future hubs and myself.

My grandpa and I... I definitely should not have worn this dress and I should have at least done my hair! UGH!

 Bossing people around ;)


 Hahaha I love this picture! I was saying "No turning back I got you now!!" Also notice my brother (in the yellow) pouting.. it was an emotional day for him.

As soon as the rehearsal was over we headed to a pizza pub/restaurant for buffet style pizza, salad, and pop! It was so delicious!! :)

Some of our bridal party with their gifts- the guys got engraved beer mugs and the girls got a necklace/earring set.

And this would be my pizza :)

The bridesmaids!

The groomsmen (except T's cousin Matt couldn't make it).

The whole group!

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