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I initially intended on this being a Day in the Life post, but I just couldn't stick with taking the pictures this past weekend. I'm going to attempt to do it again this Thursday so we'll see how that goes. So since I failed at that post I figured I pop in and talk about what's going on in our life lately :)

  • I picked up my cap and gown last Wednesday and graduation is less than five weeks away! It wasn't really sinking in that this was my final semester of Undergrad, that I'd be graduating from Western at the end of it, ect. It hit like a ton of bricks last Wednesday though that's for sure! I'm so excited. I'm proud. I'm ready for a break. I'm the first person in my family to get their Bachelors degree so as much as I don't like to admit it- it's a pretty big deal ;)
  • And since graduation is less than five weeks away that means that we leave for our cruise in less than five weeks as well! We've had this vacation planned for almost a year and I can't believe that it'll be here before we know it! Everything is booked and paid for, 99% of everything is purchased that we need to take, and I've been on Carnival's website everyday looking at the activities to do on our ship, the menus, ect.
  • As you saw in yesterday's P 52 post- Duke graduated Puppy Kindergarten and is slowly getting better at home. We're still trying to fix his stomach issues and hopefully we'll figure it out soon. I just wish we knew what caused it and for it to go away! We've made it mandatory that we walk him every single day no matter what and it seems to be helping his behavior at home. We have a very energetic puppy on our hands.
  • We started packing up the apartment this past weekend. Just a couple of clothes bins, extra bathroom items (um.. I have way too many products), and all of my scrapbooks. We are going to take as many bins/things home these next two weekend visits so that we have less to do when we get back from the cruise. I wish that the weather was nicer so that we could enjoy Kzoo our last few weekends here.
  • The hubs and I have been watching Game of Thrones every night before bed so that I can be up to date when the new season starts Sunday! It's definitely not my favorite show, but I enjoy watching shows with T that we both like.
  • I spent a good chunk of time this past weekend looking for a graduation outfit and I think I found it! I just need to try on the shoes and make sure that I can walk in them first.Haha
 What do ya think?!


  1. I have similar wedges from Old Navy, I think they're even the same berry coral color. And seriously? Most comfortable wedges, ever. Love them!

  2. I love the outfit and I'm obsessed with the color of those wedges!!! Love it! Can't believe your 5 weeks away from graduating! Congratulations !