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I've been in the market for a camera bag since I got my dSLR in December 2011. I just never could decide on one/the ones I like were really expensive and I couldn't justify the price. Then one of my favorite YouTubers posted a blog about her camera accessories and I loved the concept of her camera "case" the Crumpler Haven. It's a case that can fit into ANY bag, provides enough protection, and comes with enough pockets to hold all of your necessities when you're out and about. I received mine a week ago and LOVE it! It'll be perfect for the cruise, because it fits my dSLR as well as my point and shoot and I can throw it in my carryon as well as my excursion bag. The color combination I chose isn't too girly so T won't mind putting it in his bag either :)

And here are some pictures! Enjoy.

 The inside with nothing in it.. it also comes with two protected dividers.

Slots for memory cards, charger, cord, ect.

 Full with both cameras inside

And what it looks like closed up!

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