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Friday Letters


 Duke got a new leash and harness! And he was very excited for Puppy class! :)
 Dear Warm Weather: Where are youuuu?! I had a tiny glimpse of you last week, but then you disappeared again. I am not a fan. Dear Carnival: Get your sh*t together and fix all of your cruise ships. I do not want to be worrying about getting stuck at sea with no toilets or power. Dear Graduation: How are you only SIX weeks away?! I'm not sure if I'm ready for the real world yet. Dear T: I can't wait to go out on a date with you tomorrow night. Dear Duke: I wish we knew what was upsetting your tummy so much :( I promise that we'll figure it out and fix it! Dear Blog Readers: I have the next NINE weeks of blog posts figured out. Planning ahead at it's finest ;)

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