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P 52 | Week 8


For those of you who don't know- I am an organizing FREAK! I like having a specific place for everything. I could spend hundreds of dollars at The Container Store any given day (if there was actually one in Michigan)! I freak out when things are.. well.. unorganized. Unfortunately organize isn't even in my husband's vocabulary and he doesn't understand (or really support) my desire for a super organized home. So when tiny things like the top drawer of my nightstand finally becomes organized or having a storage container for all of his ammo I get SUPER giddy! My organizing juices start flowing and I want to keep organizing everything else. And that's exactly what happened this past week. I went to Target alone and walked out with the tray in this picture and a container for T to store his ammo in (among other things). Now I'm heading back to Target tonight to find containers for the bottom nightstand drawer and all of my travel items. Does an organized home make anyone else feel this free?!

I'm going to try to start posting more organizing tips here as they come about and I've already planned a series for when we take our cruise in April so look forward to that ;)

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