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Friday Letters



Dear Spring: WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?! I am SO sick of snow and freezing temps and winds so strong that my cheeks are chapped. I'm ready to take my extremely active puppy for long walks, go on bike rides with my husband, have picnics, visit the beach, go camping.. and the list continues. I obviously need to move further south. Dear Duke: I know that your big molars are coming in and that your tummy has been feeling crappy, but I am ready for the biting to be over. My poor hands/forearms have more than 20 bite scabs/scratches on them. We're also going to figure out why your tummy has been so upset. Dear Spring Break: you're only a week away! We're not going anywhere warm or doing anything cool, but having a break will be extra nice. If only I could sleep in.. Dear Honeymoon: You're less than 10 weeks away! Packages have started to arrive, numerous packing lists have been made, and we are so anxious. Hurry up!


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