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Week One: Here's my little family of three on New Years Eve (I wasn't joking when I said that I am committed to taking 52 pictures this year)! Both of my boys look great, but DAMN I am a ghost! 98% of the time I embrace my paleness, but MI needs to step it up in the vitamin D department!

Week Two: Here I am with my fur baby Duke at my in-laws house before we headed back to Kalamazoo (I'm apologizing in advance- I bet at least 50% of my pictures will include his cute butt)!

I'm having a little technical difficulties and can't get this paragraph to go above the pictures so it's stuck down here. Anywho- I know that I'm already a little behind on my blogging plans for the new year, but now that we have our new schedule down it should will get better! Here are my tentative plans:
Monday: P52
Wednesday: Wedding Recap Wednesday
Friday: Friday Favorites
Saturday/Sunday: Whatever happens to pop in my mind!

I also have a note saved onto my phone with blog post ideas & I'm always open to suggestions ;)

I've learned these past two weeks that having a puppy and going to school/work/clinic full time makes things a little tricky. So I just have to get in the habit to watermark/upload at home while the puppy is sleeping/not being a maniac and then actually writing the posts while I'm at work (like I am now)!

Two weeks down! Fifty to go! :)

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