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What's in our Bathroom {WIMW Vol. 12}


I've mentioned before that Thomas and I are currently living with his parents and the plan is to stay there until August. The main reason for this is to save money and therefore hopefully avoid taking out even more student loans once we're both back in school next Fall. It's been a huge blessing and we're so thankful that we even have this opportunity, but it isn't exactly easy. Being married and not having your own place is hard. Leaving your perfect little apartment to move in with your parents is hard. It's as simple as that. BUT we're both staying focused on the big picture {some days are easier than others} and making the best of the current situation.

We bought the couch and set up a "living room" in the basement so that we could have our own space, made the bedroom feel as much as ours as we could, and getting to what this post is actually about-making the half bath "ours." This living situation has forced us to simplify our belongings in a lot of ways {don't even get me started on the closet}, especially in the bathroom/beauty/products department.

Since it's the half bath it is s-m-a-l-l so I had to get creative with how we could maximize the space and here's what I came up with-

The bottom shelf has my straightner, blow dryer, extra cottons, and garbage bags.

Two plastic 3 drawer organizers, utilizing the tops of said organizers, and using travel sized items to save on space. Here's a look at what's inside the drawers-

On top is T's daily supplies, the first drawer holds dental & shaving related items, second drawer has my hair items, and the bottom drawer has my face supplies.

The other container is my makeup- on top is my brushes, deodorant, & hair products, first drawer holds face products, second drawer holds eye, and the bottom drawer holds lip.

Counter top just holds toothbrushes {with Steripods to protect them}, glass, & soap.

Newest organization addition- this little tray and containers that hold qtips, floss picks, and face cottons.
 I need to wipe these down

So there you have it... what we keep in our tiny bathroom and how we organize it :)


  1. We have those same qtip holders! They get dusty WAY to easily!!!

  2. I use those 3 drawer plastic bins under my sink too. They work great!

  3. Great idea for under the sink! Our bathroom {well, all of them...} are so tiny & storage is at a premium!