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Thursday Thoughts {Vol. 13}


I'm writing this post on Wednesday night, because come tomorrow {erm today} I'll be high as a kite. My surgery is scheduled for 8:45am so I'd appreciate any well wishes! I'm really hoping for a fast recovery.

  • Was anyone else super disappointed with the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special? The hour just dragged and dragged on. And I'm not even remotely interested in Ravenswood. I hope that this episode was the last one where there's a cross over. I am really excited for it to come back in January and for the final book that comes out in December!
  • I bought a fanny pack  wasit pack for walking Duke and my husband just about killed me. BUT.. the majority of the time I walk him alone, it's getting darker out earlier, and I never have any pockets for my phone. Which to me isn't very safe. So I started looking for a "fanny pack" that wasn't old lady looking and I found the perfect one on Zappos so of course I ordered it! And I love it! It can be worn as a cross body if desired and holds my phone, gloves, treats, and poop bags.
  • Speaking of Duke I really need to write an update about how he's doing, what's new with him, ect. {it's on my long to do list for this weekend}. I've also started researching the Keeshond breed and learning all kinds of new things. I don't know why I had no interest in doing this before we got him. I think we were just too overwhelmed when we first got him and now that he's calmed down a lot we can finally work on new things. Including correct grooming, which is a whole other post. Keeshonds are a confusing breed ya'll.
  • I've had to defrost/scrape my windshield twice this week! NOOOO I am not ready for winter. At all. This also means that I need to go buy a windshield scraper, because I don't have one for my car. I rather be spending my money on something else.
  • Speaking of my weekend to do list I have a lot of blogging items on it that I'm hoping to cross off since I'll be a couch potato all weekend. Updating my labels, writing Duke's tab, editing my Bucket list tab, writing a bunch of posts, ect.
  • I always have so many random things I want to put in these posts, but when I actually sit down to write them I forget. FAIL. Hopefully next weeks post will be more enjoyable.


  1. That "fanny pack" is actually kind of cute!!! I can see how it would be so useful if you're out walking your dog and don't want to bring a bag. Solid purchase! Ha! :)

  2. I hope your surgery went well and that you have a speedy recovery.