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What's in my Fall Purse {WIMW Vol. 9}


I have always been a "purse girl"- meaning that purses are my favorite accessories, any kind of bag to be honest. In high school I bought a new purse every 3 months or so until Thomas bought me my first "baby"- a beautiful brown Coach shoulder bag {which I still have and love despite Duke getting to one of the straps}. And I've used that purse every fall since 2009. After using a crossbody type purse all summer long I knew that I wanted to use one for fall too, but I couldn't justify buying another expensive bag. So of course trusty Target came to the rescue ;) And at $24.99 you just can't beat it!

1. Phone charger 2. Wallet 3. Phone 4. Mini emergency kit 5. Sunglasses 6. Electronic wipe 7. Headphones 8. Pens and mini notebook 9. Keys

What's inside the mini emergency kit: 1. Hair ties and bobby pins 2. Nail clippers and file 3. Deodorant towelette 4. Medicine 5. Bandaids 6. Shout wipes 7. Floss
{This photo is terrible and made me realize how badly I need to learn how to use my camera}

What do you carry in your purse? I'd love to see! Next week is what I carry in my gym bag.


  1. Smart idea to keep your pens in a little pouch. Mine always are all over the place and the lids fall off. Disaster!

    1. I had that happen once in an expensive Coach bag and decided I couldn't let that happen again! I got that mini bag at Target in the gift aisle {mai mai is the brand maybe?}