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Travel Thursday | Emergency Kit


Some may think that I'm worry wart or ridiculous, but I think I'm just being cautious and prepared! I carry a mini emergency kit with me everywhere (I have one for my backpack and one for my purse) so it should come at no surprise that I made one for the cruise as well. I don't know about you, but being "stranded" in the ocean or a foreign country without motion sickness medication sounds HORRIBLE to me. I know that you can't prepare for everything, but I like to be prepared for some things. So here's is what I'm taking on the cruise as a mini emergency kit..

Bandaids (blister & regular), alcohol wipes, feminine wipes, kleenex, floss, extra hair ties and bobby pins, mini makeup essentials, mini hair brush, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, lotion, shout wipes, mini nail file and clippers, deodorant towelettes, medications, extra belly button ring (I always loose it when I don't have a backup!), and oil blotting sheets.

And it all fits perfectly into the Petunia Pickle Bottom case!

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