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I can't believe that it's already April! I've been waiting for this month for what seems like ever! It's the last month of my undergrad, the last month that T & I are living in our current apartment, and it's the month that we finally get to go on our honeymoon! Anywho..
Currently I am...

Reading: I just finished up Wanted (Pretty Little Liars book 8) over the weekend and I can't wait to start the next one. I hope that the next "set" is as good as the originals (Sarah Shepard wrote 4 extra books once the TV show became so popular). Also speaking of books I just downloaded 8 new ones because they were all on sale- most of them being at least 50% off!

Listening to: Ever since seeing Icona Pop on Dancing with the Stars I've been obsessed with their song I Love It. I'm also loving the Pink and fun. song Just Give Me A Reason. I need to download some new music onto my iPod for the trip!
Watching: Game of Thrones, Revenge (such a good show!), Real Housewives of Orange County, Law & Order: SVU (as always), and Dancing with the Stars.
Melting over:

This blue color (In The Cab-Ana) from Essie's Resort 2013 collection- I am definitely taking it on the cruise with me.

I've been on the hunt for a new spring/summer fun colored purse for a while now and I'm really liking the Coach Madison Kara bag in Peony (it looks more coral to me though). I have to go check it out in person to see if it's too big or not, but if not it might be a graduation present to myself ;)
Annoyed by: The fact that it's 70 degrees today (even if it's raining) and then the rest of the week is in the 40's. So sick of this Michigan weather! Errrr!
Wearing: Hunter Wellies, black dress pants, blue dress tank, and black cardigan.
Shopping for: NOTHING! Well.. that's not exactly true. I need to go to the student store and find a nice Under Armor Western hoodie. I need to represent my Alma Mater in the future!
Writing: Blog posts- I am trying to catch up from being sick last week :(
Excited about: The fact that I GRADUATE in EIGHTEEN days and leave for our honeymoon in NINETEEN! Oh my word I can't believe it's almost here!
Obsessed with: Organizing and day dreaming about our next place. I always love organizing, but lately it's been all I can think about! I've been watching YouTube videos, making shopping lists at The Container Store, ect. We won't be moving into a new place until July at the earliest, but it's still fun to daydream ;)
Laughing at: Duke Silver who likes to lay in his baby crate when his big boy crate is right next to it LOL


  1. Firefly lane was one of my favorite books its such a good read :)

  2. I want that nailpolish too. It's a really pretty color.

    Duke is too cute!