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My Favorite Piece of Jewelry.. My Pandora Bracelets


I've been meaning to publish this post for a long time, but it took numerous attempts (phone and dSLR) to get pictures that were clear and close enough to see the charms!

I guess I should preface this post with saying that before I got these bracelets I never wore jewelry other than my engagement ring. So to say that I was hesitant is a little bit of a understatement. But after months of oohing and aahing I got my first bracelet from my husband for Christmas 2009. And I've worn it nearly everyday since :) They've become one of my most prized possessions and I love the meaning behind each charm. I hope to one day give them to my daughters when they're old enough.

Onto the bracelets...

Bracelet # 1 (2010-2012)

S Clip (I use a clip at the open end to prevent any charms from spinning off), Handbag (my love for purses), Fleur de lis (trip to New Orleans), Lock & Key (wedding poem), Wedding Rings (getting married), and Football (my favorite sport)!

Clip, 21 birthday charm, Letter (T's time in the Army/long distance), Heart, Christmas Tree (Christmas 2011 from my in-laws), 5 & Love Bouquet (our 5 year anniversary), & Peridot (my birthstone).

Clip, Letter C, Hippo (T picked it out while we were in Mackinaw), Suitcase (love for travel), Flip Flop (trip to San Diego), Textbook (starting University), and a Flower spacer.

Bracelet # 2 (2013-  )
Clip, Stocking (Christmas 2012), I love you (anniversary), Bow Spacer (Valentines Day 2013), Dog (Duke), & Clip.

There you have it my Pandora bracelets :) Anyone who is debating on getting one definitely should! I love adding to it and I definitely think that the quality is worth the extra money (I wouldn't buy a "knockoff" version). Do any of you girls have one?

And just for fun- my charm wishlist!

Dolphin (or something that will be for our trip to Chicago this summer), Graduation cap, Pink, Blue, & Purple spacers (just to add some color), Peridot clip, Panda (my favorite animal), Camera (motivation for completing P52), Heart Openstitch, and Cruise ship (our honeymoon in April)!

What's on yours? :)

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