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Reading: Heartless- Pretty Little Liars book

Listening To: My coworker type (I'm at work).

Watching: T & I are watching at least one episode of Game of Thrones every night before bed to get caught up in time for the season 3 premier! We've also been watching The Walking Dead, Revenge, Army Wives (only me), Law & Order: SVU every week.

Melting Over: Duke's cuddles and kisses when he's being a nice puppy!

Annoyed By: This stupid cold weather. I'm ready for spring darn it!

Wearing: Jeans, tshirt, North Face pullover, and UGGs.

Shopping For: A birthday present for a friend's 2 year old.

Writing: This post and other blog posts, trying to get ahead.

Excited About: Graduating and going on our honeymoon! Just really hoping that the time between now and then passes quickly!

Obsessed With: Future house plans, making fun Summer plans, Ruby Red Squirt, Triscuits and Babybel cheese snacks, Pretty Little Liars (book & show), and EOS shaving cream.

Laughing At: The thought of Duke wearing a graduation cap tonight at Puppy Kindergarten when he "graduates" haha

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  1. LOVE the eos shaving cream!!! && I need to be doing what you are doing right now!! (getting ahead on blog posts!)